It is recognised that many employers already have long standing relationships with education. The Inverness & Central Highland DYW regional group will support even more employers to get involved and help them take the opportunity to invest in their own succession planning and work with schools to inspire and create strong career awareness for our young people.


The employer led Inverness & Central Highland DYW group provides an excellent opportunity for schools to access skills, knowledge, experience and support of local employers which can enhance learning and help young people in the world of work.

Young People

Many young people struggle to identify their career goals; some are perhaps more fortunate and know what they will do on leaving school. In either case, more engagement with employers and better access to work experience while at school could really help a young person to better understand their future in the workplace.


Parents often worry about what career and job opportunities will be available for their children when they leave school. Qualifications are important, as well as a strong work ethic, but further education isn’t necessarily for everyone. Even if it is, what options are there?

The average debt of Scottish graduates in 2014/15 was £10,500 after a rise of nearly 12% on the previous year
56.3% of Scottish graduates said they had been unemployed for a period after graduating20% had been unemployed for over a year