Aimee McCormick, MA business administration

Tuesday, 12th September 2017

Nineteen-year-old Inverness native Aimee McCormick joined the DYW Inverness & Central Highland as a business administration modern apprentice in August 2017, coming from a background in retail and hospitality, including a stint at the Best Western hotel and JD Sports – during which she worked her way up to supervisor level.

Aimee’s mum spotted the job advert for the modern apprentice in business and administration at DYW on social media – sharing it with Aimee as, although she enjoyed working in retail, the opportunity provided a professional qualification, placing Aimee on a career path with real chance to progress.

Aimee said: “I was really looking to do something different. I’d only ever known retail so it was a fantastic opportunity to see what else was out there and develop other skills.

“In the past, I’d always struggled with finding a new job as I’d always get the same feedback – that I had no experience.

“Now that I have this opportunity I hope it’ll open new pathways for me as I progress through my career.”

Aimee was also looking forward to regular working hours that would allow her to develop her work-life balance and organise structured days.

Aimee’s role at DYW involves her assuming all responsibilities of a colleague on maternity leave, and she’s been busy familiarising herself through the help of handbooks, manuals and various folders!

A typical day for Aimee may include some admin work, organising folders, helping plan events and booking everything in. She’ll also head along to the events organised by DYW and Inverness Chamber as well as participate in internal and external meetings – all experiences that are new to Aimee and will see her develop skills she had previously not had the chance to.

Any new-job jitters were quickly dispelled for Aimee – as soon as she walked into the office and met the team she felt she fitted in, commenting: “Everyone tried really hard to make us feel welcome and it really helped – the whole team are so cool and calm!”

Before starting her apprenticeship, Aimee was unaware of DYW and work the group is doing for youth in the area. This will act as an opportunity for Aimee to bring fresh thinking to the group from a recent school-leavers point of view on how to effectively engage with a young audience.

One point Aimee raised is that the opportunities for young people in the Highlands, such as modern apprenticeships, just aren’t visible – how do people know they are there if they can’t see them? Her insights will help the group form strategies to target issues such as this over the coming months.

And as for the future for Aimee? The world will be her oyster once she completes her modern apprenticeship! She hopes over the year she will identify her strengths and passions and have a clear idea of what path is right for her.