Catherine MacDonald - Event First Aid Volunteer, British Red Cross

Wednesday, 29th May 2019

Twenty-five year old Catherine MacDonald from Inverness volunteered with the British Red Cross from ages fifteen to twenty.

"In this time, I was able to attend training for a large variety of skills for both first aid and general transferable skills. I completed various levels of qualifications from basic First Aid at Work up to a British Red Cross Resuscitation qualification in line with other service providers."

Although she worked as a First Aid Volunteer, Catherine learned many skills outside of just first aid, "I gained experience with radio communications at the First Aid events covered. This gave me the opportunity to gain organisational and administrative experience, which led on to me obtaining my Foundation Amateur Radio Licence externally for my own development."

Catherine told us that she enjoys living and working in the Highlands, because the local geography means there is a wide variety of events to cover, and many opportunities arise to meet different people. She noted that to do this job well, volunteers must be approachable and organised, and have the ability to work well under pressure.

Although she no longer volunteers with British Red Cross, Catherine works in the fitness industry and attends University, "The knowledge I learnt has benefited me both in my new job role and my academic studies."

Her advice for any young people considering a similar career?  "I would recommend getting involved with the first aid side of events and gain any training/qualifications that are open to you. Also, use the experience to network with other services to make connections for the future."