cdmm - Modern Apprentice in Occupation Heath and Safety

Monday, 1st April 2019

From cdmm:

"As cdmm enters its 21st year of business Our First Modern Apprentice in Occupation Heath and Safety has joined us. As part of our commitment to both develop people into the sector and also as ambassadors for STEM subjects within local educational with a particular focus on addressing the gender gap that affects large parts of our industry. Its particularly fitting that Mia joining as in the same year she turns 21 as we do, seems particularly appropriate when you think of the next 21 years for both her and us.

Mia Smith (20) joined us this month on the start of her journey to becoming a fully qualified Occupational Health and Safety practitioner, a journey I know many of my connections have embraced later on in life or after a first career in a related industry. It is heartwarming to see that S.T.E.M subjects and our own particular field, can attract young people who choose this path as a first career. It certainly cannot happen without all the hard work our colleagues in Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) put in, along with Skills Development Scotland and our peers who also choose to employ people straight from school and higher education into our field.


As part of our structured induction process, Mia will be visiting our subscribers and clients, accompanying our consultants in all our sectors from Agriculture, Manufacturing, Distilling and Maturation, Plant Hire and Construction. I am sure you will join me in welcoming her aboard and be heartened to see the industry securing its future by developing potential employees from a young age."