Confidence in the future – your questions answered!

Tuesday, 14th April 2020

Are you a young person or parent of a young person who is finding it hard to make sense of these difficult times?

Join us on this Zoom webinar, where our panel of guests will provide Information and support covering areas such as your rights as an employee, your mental wellbeing and any money management worries that you are experiencing as a direct result of Covid 19. In addition, we will also look at pathways that will secure employment and provide apprenticeships information and guidance for the future.

So, whatever situation you find yourself right now, be it furloughed, unemployed or just looking for a job, this webinar will offer reassurance & realistic optimism about the future and what it may hold for you as a young person.

Developing the Young Workforce Programme Manager Andy Maxtone will be joined by a panel of experts, which include;

Euan Smith, Employment Lawyer from Macleod & MacCallum Solicitors - providing information on what is means to be a Furlough worker, redundancies & employee rights

Donna Smith, Chair person for Mikeysline – Mental Health Charity – Helping provide guidance and support on managing your mental health and wellbeing

Sarah & Chris Dowling - Kings Inverness – Providing money management advice if you find yourself struggling with your finances.

There will be an opportuity to ask questions and share concerns that directly affect you.

Date: 22nd April 2020

Time: 14:00 - 1500

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