DYW - Skills Academy

Wednesday, 1st July 2020

DYW Skills Academy: Get Industry Ready

DYW have made a commitment to deliver a DYW Skills Academy: Get Industry Ready experiences over the month of July and August which includes delivering a series of virtual activities and employability experiences for young people leaving school summer 2020. Alongside this there will be wider access to virtual experiences through E-DYW.

Who is the DYW Skills Academy for?

Certain elements are open to all young people, others are more targeted to young people looking to progress into employment/social mobility and those applying for jobs and apprenticeships. The e-learning and mock interviews/CV checks are only for those progressing into employment from school as a priority.

Young people will have from the 23rd June – 12th July to register for the DYW Skills Academy and register via www.dyw.scot/skills-academy

Week 1 – 13th July - Industry Insight Sessions (Open to all young people)

The Industry Insight sessions will offer an opportunity to find out about the key demand sectors emerging from Covid-19. There will be an opportunity to find out about the career opportunities available within each and find out what is expected in the workplace including, key skills, qualifications and experiences.

Please see below the following employers who will deliver these sessions:

  • Food and Drink – Dawnfresh
  • Land based sector – Lantra
  • Health – NHS
  • Social Care - SSSC
  • Energy – Energy Skills Partnership
  • Financial Services – Scottish Financial Enterprise and HSBC
  • Creative – 4J Studios
  • Life Sciences - Antibody Analytics
  • Digital/Technology – Servelec

Week 2 – 20th July - Skills Sessions (Open to all young people)

The Skills Sessions will offer the opportunity to build on key skills that will support young people to get the insight they need to find their pathway to industry. They will learn how to build their online brand, the do’s and don’ts when writing CVs and Cover Letters, how to perform in a virtual interview, how to manage their money, what resilience looks like in the world of work and also the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Week 3 – 27th July - E-Learning (Open to young people progressing to employment after school)

There are a select few online short courses to be completed as part of the programme. The following will be work through each of the following topics: Cyber Security; Customer Service, GDPR, Health and Safety and Life at work. Each of the courses will provide a good foundation of knowledge to support strengthening a young person’s CV and applications for employment.

Week 4 – 4th August - #NoWrongPath (Open to all young people)

It is exam results week, we plan take the pressure off this week to ensure young people have time to anticipate and digest their results. We will signpost to the wider #NoWrongPath and wider support on offer.

Week 5 – 10th August - CV feedback from professionals (Open to young people actively applying for jobs and apprenticeships) Young people intending to go straight into employment after school will get the opportunity to have their CV checked by a professional. They will receive constructive feedback on how they can improve their CV to make any necessary changes, making sure their CV stands out from the crowd.

Week 5 – 10th August - Virtual Mock Interviews (Open to young people actively applying for jobs and apprenticeships)

Virtual mock interviews are taking prominence right now, if a young person is intending to go straight into employment after school, they will get the opportunity to have a virtual mock interview with a professional. It will boost their confidence through practice and provide them with first-hand experience on how a real-life virtual job interview will feel.

DYW Skills Academy Registration Process

All young people will sign up via Mailchimp link via the DYW Scot DYW Skills Academy Landing Page. Thereafter they will receive automatic updates every Monday on what activity they will be doing that week and how they can access it. This will be done centrally and come from a national message.

Register via www.dyw.scot/skills-academy