#DYWKeyworker - James Logie - Scottish Water

Thursday, 4th June 2020

Name: James Logie

Job Title: Multi-functional modern apprentice, water treatment and waste water treatment operator, technical analyst and Technical Adviser

Company: Scottish Water

Hometown: Maryburgh

What attracted you to the industry you are in?

Career opportunity/progression

How long have you been with the company?

10 years in October

Describe your day-to-day role;

I review technical applications and drawings for water and waste water infrastructure for housing and retail developments within the North area. Liaising and communicating with developers, consultants and local authorities to provide improvement to the existing and wider Scottish Water assets to ensure growth within the North.

What kind of training have you done?Have you completed any professional qualifications?

Various training around water hygiene, waste water and health and safety awareness.

What skills have you learned?

Variety of practical skills such as repairing burst water mains, processing water and waste water through different plants and understanding the equipment and software involved.

Have you completed any professional qualifications?

HNC/HND Quantity surveying, HNC Water Operations

Do you like living and working in the Inverness & Highlands?

I went to small primary school called Marybank and secondary school at Dingwall Academy. I’ve always lived in the Highlands. I think it’s important to broaden your horizons when you can but equally, working and living in the Highlands has given me some great opportunities. I’ve met some great people and visited amazing places. We should be proud of where we’re from!

What skills are the most important for you to do your job well?

There are a lot of different technical skills that are important but you also need people skills doing this role. You come across a lot of people and companies with different levels of expectations but you have to try and treat them all equally and provide the same level of customer service. Whether it’s a single house customer building their dream home or a housing developer looking to construct 500 houses.

Was there anything about the job that surprised you?

The good thing about my current job is there’s a lot of variety, you’re always learning and picking up new things

Is there anything unusual about your role?

Probably not unusual but I do get to work alongside some interesting people.

Do you get a lot of support from your company?

Scottish Water are very encouraging to their employees to gain further qualifications, online and external training.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Helping people and businesses achieve their goals by providing our key water and waste water services to new developments.

Did you always want to pursue a career in this industry?

No – I was studying quantity surveying and wanted to try and get a trainee estimator or quantity surveying role but there was a recession around that time (2008 -2010) and there were limited opportunities. I saw a Modern apprenticeship advertised and thought I’d apply.

What is your advice for young school leavers looking to start an apprenticeship?

Don’t worry about finding the perfect job at a young age (there’s no such thing) try and get a role with a company that is supportive and encourage you to better yourself. If you have an open mind and apply yourself, opportunities will present themselves.

What is your career goal?

I see myself staying with Scottish Water long term and have ambitions to progress within the company to a management position.

How does it feel to be a KeyWorker on the frontline, supporting the Country’s fight against Covid-19?

At the moment I’m working from home, the majority of office based staff are doing the same. I’m on a Covid reserve emergency list to support my colleagues (if required) in the operational departments. They’re doing a great job ensuring all of our key services are kept going.

Tell us what makes you proud to be a Keyworker?

I’m proud of my colleagues/friends that continue to be out on the ‘frontline’ ensuring that Scottish Water continues to provide great

services to customers throughout the country.