#DYWKeyworker Jordon Munro - Highland Hospice

Monday, 25th May 2020

Name: Jordon Munro

Job Title: House Keeper

Company: Highland Hospice

Hometown: Inverness

What attracted you to the industry you are in? Working at the hospice was a new experience and an opportunity for me to learn new skills.

How long have you been with the company? 1 year

Describe your day-to-day role; Today I’m cleaning the toilets, the office spaces, the carpets. General housekeeping tasks.

What kind of training have you done?Have you completed any professional qualifications?

I completed an Modern Apprenticeship in Hospitality Services, SCQV level 5, as part of my work at the Hospice, which included food hygiene and manual handling.

What skills have you learned?

Teamwork is so important. So is timekeeping, prioritising tasks, and working with patients and staff.

Do you like living and working in the Inverness & Highlands?

Yes, I love it here. There’s a real sense of community and friendliness. Although Inverness doesn’t have the best shops or clubs, it’s a great place to be!

Was there anything about the job that surprised you?

That the hospice isn’t a sad place to be. Of all the jobs I’ve had, this is the happiest.

Do you get a lot of support from your company?

Yeah, I know that the hospice would be able to offer lots of support if I ever needed it.

What’s your favourite part of the job? Meeting a variety of people and hearing their stories.

What is your advice for young school leavers looking to start an apprenticeship?Do it! It’s a great way of making money while learning, and gives you some direction.

What is your career goal? I’ve worked in lots of different places before I became a cleaner, and also volunteered. Since starting at the hospice, I’ve become interested in working for charities as a fundraiser.

How does it feel to be a KeyWorker on the frontline, supporting the Country’s fight against Covid-19? It doesn’t really feel any different- we’re always working to a high standard at the hospice.