Michael Munro, MA in Engineering - LifeScan

Tuesday, 6th March 2018


Michael Munro (24) from Culbokie is currently in his penultimate year of a four-year apprenticeship in engineering with LifeScan Scotland in Inverness, after being attracted by the high-level training provided during the award-winning apprenticeship.


Michael’s first year was spent in college, where he learned the foundations of mechanical and electrical engineering, achieving his NC in Engineering Systems. He then began to work on-site in his second year, while attending college on day release to achieve his HNC in Engineering Systems. He’s currently working to complete his SVQ Level 3 in Engineering.


As well as his college studies, Michael receives on-site training in engineering and safety standards that are critical in performing his job to the highest standard.


A typical day for Michael begins early, at 6.45am. He said: “Once I’m in work the team will sit down to go through handovers for the day ahead. My responsibilities consist of maintaining a variation of machines, assisting with mechanical breakdowns, machine validation and testing and working as an acting engineer supported by fully qualified engineers with years of experience – I’m constantly learning from them.”


Michael really enjoys being highly involved in the engineering team. He notes that the role is not the stereotypical “apprentice hands the engineers the tools and holds the light” job description, but instead involves shadowing the engineers before being given the responsibility to complete working tasks alone, with supervision if required.


Michael’s words of wisdom for school leavers entering the world of work include keeping an open mind and to ask around for apprenticeships – “there are so many available across many different fields.”