My week with DYW Inverness

Tuesday, 4th July 2017

I currently work for Skills Development Scotland (SDS) as a Trainee Careers Adviser in Inverness. As part of my training I had to spend a week learning from another organisation – kindly the DYW team hosted my placement for the week.

The team had planned an interesting week of learning. I was able to meet local employers, visit schools, attend their meetings, learn about DYW and even attend their Highland Business Dinner at the end of the week.

My week went as follows:


On the first day I was introduced to the team and spent some time learning about DYW. It was great to hear about the partnerships they have built with employers and the ways in which this is benefiting schools and young people. Their work is really enhancing learning and helping young Highlanders into the world of work, providing a lasting impact and setting them up with skills that can be carried through life.


I attended a meeting about Foundation Apprenticeships and was introduced to different partners to gain their perspective about apprenticeships too, it was very helpful. In the afternoon we then went over to Nairn Academy to hear about all the excellent events that they have held in partnership with DYW. It was interesting to hear from a school’s perspective how they are receiving support from DYW.


I went with Andy to Highland and Islands Airport Limited where he was giving a presentation to the group. Andy discussed how they could support the business by helping young people develop attitudes, skills and knowledge for their sector and inspire young people to work for them. Andy was also very kind to introduce me to the group, providing me with the opportunity to tell them about SDS.


I spent the day with Premier Inn (River Ness) to see what a pupil would experience as part of their work placements in school. I never had the chance to go on work experience in school so this was very interesting. Martin introduced me to the members of staff, gave me a name badge and I started helping with the breakfast shift. I had to serve customers, tidy plates and take orders.

After Martin explained the work placement programme offered through Premier Inn, we discussed the booklet that all pupils are given. This training for pupils is excellent and very well thought out, making the experience enjoyable and beneficial for the pupil.


My week was coming to an end but I got to finish it on a high by attending the Highland Business Dinner! In the morning I helped Inverness Chamber of Commerce staff to prepare for the event by setting up the room and tables. I then re-joined the team in the evening with our glad rags on to have a fun night with lovely food and lots of laughs - a fabulous way to finish a great week!

A very big thank you to all the team for making me feel very welcome and planning an interesting week of learning. I have learned lots about DYW, their agenda and how I can get their support in the future through my role at Skills Development Scotland.

Shireen Hadnett - Trainee Careers Adviser, Skills Development Scotland