Preparing for the World of Work - Your Year, Your Career!

Friday, 14th January 2022

As we enter another year here at DYWICH and return to school and work, we are here to help you get off to the best start! Each month we see amazing examples of how Young People Are Great and we have written this small blog to give a little support to young people as they begin to pick subjects and choose training ahead of going into any workplace.

There are so many different career options available across a variety of diverse industries, including Food and Drink, Healthcare, Energy, Construction and the Creative sector. But how do you choose the right career for you? And how do you get into these industries? Don’t worry DYWICH are here to help!

For young people, it’s important to consider the subject choices available at school and college in relation to their desired career path. By thinking about your dream career - you can in turn make informed decisions about future subjects.

Visit the My World of Work website to help the decision making process by answering five simple questions:

  1. How do you like to learn?
  2. Where can certain subjects take you?
  3. What subjects do you enjoy?
  4. What subjects are you good at?
  5. What do other people think?

Something else to keep in mind - what desirables are employers looking for….

Another consideration is what skills are desirable to employers and how young people can develop these. To help, we have found this list of the Top 10 Skills Employers look for in young people. From interpersonal skills to a positive work ethic and self-management, there are key desirable skills listed which will help you when looking to present yourself to an employer.

Although we are largely focusing on preparing young people for the world of work this month, we also want to raise awareness of the greatness of young people to a workforce and are continuing to encourage local businesses to sign our Young Person’s Guarantee. You can find out more on the Young Person’s Guarantee by clicking here.

Join in to help us support young people across Inverness and the Central Highlands in beginning their career journey.