Reaching New Heights With The RAF

Friday, 11th February 2022

The sky’s the limit for students from Kingussie High School and Grantown Grammar School after taking part in two days of interactive learning guided by RAF Outreach and Engagement personnel, Sgt Angela Bell and Sgt Sandy Neill.

Equipping students across all year groups with the tools to help any future career take flight, both days were jam-packed with activities designed to promote stronger communication and listening skills, develop problem solving abilities, and introduce a more reflective approach to their learning.

With workshops that introduced students to practical leadership and teamwork, as well as fitness and exercise, the two-day event was an excellent opportunity for students to consider and build on the skills they might need when entering the world of work.

Sgt Bell and Sgt Neill shared their enthusiasm for the event, saying: “It was great to see the students all working together and fully engaging in each of the sessions. The practical activities really highlighted some excellent leaders within each of the groups and also gave the opportunity for all participants to develop their communication skills. The careers presentation and Q&A sessions were well attended and some really good questions were posed. Overall a successful and enjoyable couple of days.”

For those who were interested in a career with the RAF, workshops and drop-in sessions were available to help students find out more. This included a presentation highlighting the career opportunities available within the RAF, as well as a Q&A session about the application process and what is required of students who wish to join a military role.

On day two, S3 girls were invited to take part in a session dedicated to team building and enhancing self-confidence. This session sought to inspire the girls to actively engage more with future opportunities that they might not otherwise have felt confident in pursuing. Using team building exercises the girls also formed new bonds with one another, demonstrating the importance of creating strong relationships with peers.

School coordinator, Debbie Khadi commented on the two day event, saying: “Pupils from both schools really enjoyed the event and learned a lot from Sgts Bell and Neill. Both days included interactive activities that gave pupils the chance to test their problem-solving abilities, and to engage with reflective practices that help to build their performance improvement skills. Several students commented on how the exercises also highlighted the importance of good communication and listening skills in a team situation. These soft skills are highly sought-after in the world of work and are easily transferable to any workplace environment, which will place the students in good stead when they choose to embark on that next chapter in their lives.”

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