Rowan Morrison, MA business administration

Monday, 11th September 2017

Eighteen year-old Rowan Morrison hails from Drumnadrochit and joined DYW Inverness & Central Highland as a business administration modern apprentice straight from school.

She does admit that going from school holidays to full-time hours was a bit of a shock to the system!

Rowan was made aware of the opportunity through a family friend. As she wasn’t keen for university straight away, the opportunity felt perfect to Rowan.

She said: “The process from application to actually arriving on my first day was really seamless. I applied, had my interview and then shortly after finding out I was successful, I was in meeting the  team and getting to know what I’d be getting up to!

“It was so helpful to meet everyone before as the whole experience was new to me and therefore quite daunting – so this helped subdue any first-day nerves.”

Rowan has built up a strong work ethic over the years, and is an advocate of working part-time while in education. She’s got lots of experience under her belt having worked in different industries, including hospitality (waitressing) and tourism (Loch Ness exhibition).

Speaking of her decision to go for the job with DYW, Rowan said: “I really liked the idea of being independent and the job description sounded interesting – it ticked all the boxes.”

Rowan’s favourite subject in school was English, although interestingly she never studied business – yet it’s something she really enjoys! She’s already been putting her English skills to the test compiling the DYW newsletter alongside fellow MA Aimee.

She’s also been working through the various HR requirements, and is excited to get started on all her tasks!

A typical day for Rowan so far has included sitting in on a meeting at the University of the Highlands and Islands where she spoke with a lady on her job role, social media training and a manual handling course.

She’s feeling really positive about her MA so far, commenting: “I thought the professional workplace would be really serious and focused – but it’s a friendly, inviting office and everyone has gone out of their way to make us feel welcome.

“Opportunities such as modern apprenticeships are often overlooked in schools – I always felt like going to university was the only option really encouraged by teachers.

“There is no wrong path to employment though, and I want to use my position at DYW to spread the word of what really is available for young people up north.

“I for one had no idea that there were business apprenticeships available – I always thought they were purely for trades such as joinery and electricians.”

Over the year, both Rowan and Aimee will be assessed to ensure they are meeting the criteria of their modern apprenticeship.

Rowan hopes to use her experience to gain a place at university, when she feels the time is right.