Working in the Construction Industry

Tuesday, 25th May 2021

Scotland has a reputation internationally for architecture and design - just think of the Scott Monument in Edinburgh, the Forth Road Bridge or the Falkirk Wheel, still standing strong after all these years. The greatest buildings throughout history were built by people with a passion for construction.

When you join the construction industry, you are helping to shape the future of Scotland and building something that will stand the test of time. You can develop skills in communication and problem-solving, learn how to work with different materials and various building tools, and create lasting relationships with others.

Recently, the construction industry has led the way during the COVID-19 pandemic by operating safely and efficiently, and managing to persevere and recruit 70% of the previous year’s apprentices. Additionally, of 30,000 apprentices here in Scotland, almost a third are in construction.

Apply today and you could be a part of an industry that makes history here in Scotland. Visit this website to find out more about working in the construction industry, including details on how to get started and the latest news and events:

Already working in the construction industry? Apply for the chance of winning a Trades Award! Read more here: