Over the next three years, an estimated 6,500 school leavers will be seeking employment in Inverness & Central Highland. We are uniquely positioned to help employers find and nurture young talent. We do this by encouraging businesses of all sizes to sign up to the Young Person’s Guarantee by making one – or more – of the following five pledges:

  • To prepare young people for the world of work through work experience, volunteering or work-based learning opportunities
  • To engage with and provide opportunities who face barriers to work
  • To create work-based learning, training and upskilling opportunities for young people
  • To create jobs and opportunities for young people through apprenticeships, paid internships and work experience
  • To create an inclusive workplace to support learning and enable young people to meet their potential.

DYW Inverness & Central Highland offers help and support to all businesses looking to employ a young workforce by connecting them with the people and resources they need to succeed, including access to financial support and specialised business growth and sustainability support.

For support employing young people in your business, get in touch for access to resources and up-to-date advice.

Engaging Young People with the World of Work

We’ve identified two key ways in which businesses may wish to engage with young people in our communities – however there is no wrong way to get involved. Businesses can pledge their support in any way which is of benefit both to the and young people.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can support you to engage with young people in Inverness & Central Highland.

School Engagement

We work closely with employers and educators to ensure that the curriculum is aligned with real-world working practices. It’s our mission to ensure school leavers have the best possible access to careers information and training opportunities.

Our team of school coordinators are responsible for fostering collaboration between school management teams and local businesses. We work with employers to engage with pupils by using Skills Development Scotland’s Marketplace to offer advice, training, and skills development workshops.

Partnerships between schools and businesses help to enhance the school curriculum and boost youth employability, giving young people the tools to succeed while raising awareness of potential career paths. They also give businesses the opportunity to build their profile and connect with future talent.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can work alongside DYWICH to support schools in your area, please contact your local school coordinator.

Further information about collaboration with schools can also be found at Founders4Schools.


Apprenticeships can strengthen your business and support the growth of new talent. From traditional trades to modern office-based apprenticeships, these are a valuable tool in training the workforce of the future.

There are currently three levels of apprenticeship available in Scotland, each enabling individuals to gain a qualification while providing assistance to an employer.

Employers can receive government support to help cover the training costs of apprentices aged 16-24. Many industries - including construction, hospitality, engineering, and automotive - also receive a contribution for apprentices aged 25+.

Detailed information on apprenticeships can be found on Skills Development Scotland’s apprenticeship portal.

Contact us for advice on the benefits of apprenticeships and information on apprenticeship schemes that may benefit your business.

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