Inverness & Central Highland Developing the Young Workforce (ICHDYW) operates an innovation fund to support its role in developing stronger relationships between employers and education. The purpose of this fund is to help local high schools, and organisations that support activities providing opportunities for young people up to the age of 25, within the context of DYW as described by the Wood Commission Report 2014.

The aim of the ICHDYW Innovation Fund is to provide funds in addition to any funding currently received, to enable such groups to provide additional opportunities for young people that support the work-based learning agenda but that haven't been budgeted for within the current year funding.

The contents of this pack describe how to apply for a grant and lay out the criteria which would determine a successful application.

Who can apply?

Any high school or organisation based within the Inverness & Central Highland boundary that is formally delivering DYW outcomes within the spirit of the Scottish Government's Youth Employment Strategy, as defined by the Wood Commission Report 2014.

How much can I get?

As you can imagine the fund is not large. It is important therefore for the ICHDYW to ensure that as many young people benefit as possible. That being the case ICHDYW would normally base any grant allocation on this. In each individual case up to 75% of the total cost of any proposed project may be awarded. (It is possible that in exceptional circumstances a higher percentage could be available. This however would be at the discretion of ICHDYW.)

What will we fund?

In short, any type of DYW activity which would have a long-term benefit but which is additional to normal school activity - particularly activity that could be shared with other schools or organisations within the ICH area.

What we won't fund

Ordinarily we would not fund - or contribute towards - start up or running costs, however in exceptional circumstances ICHDYW may consider support. We would not fund:

Routine repairs;
Religious projects;
Existing motor or transport costs; 
Any activity or service that a public organisation must provide by law.

How do I apply?

Download and complete the application form below and email it to or by mail to:

Developing the Young Workforce
Metropolitan House
31-33 High Street

What should my application include?

Contact name, address and telephone number;

Name of school/organisation

Bank details for payment

Copy of bank statement confirming bank details

Details of the project for which funding is required, cost or amount required and details of how the balance will be raised by your group.

Are there any other considerations?

Inverness & Central Highland DYW requires any funds to be used within 3 months of the grant. Receipts should also be returned to ICHDYW for our records. The ICHDYW would like to use the opportunity to raise the profile of our programme in the local media and we would expect that any school or organisation in receipt of a grant would be willing to participate in this.

When will I know if my application has been successful?

In normal circumstances, we will endeavour to decide within one week of receiving your application. 

If successful you should receive your grant via bank transfer at the time of notification.

Can I apply again?

Inverness & Central Highland DYW welcomes applications from schools and organisations that have received grants in the past. The only requirements would be that any proposed project meets the criteria as detailed within this pack.

Only one application would be considered in any one year.

Our commitment

By administering this fund, it is the express desire of Inverness & Central Highland Developing the Young Workforce to strive to support everyone who is involved in supporting our young people to be successful in their learning and career opportunities, contributing to our local economy and create a thriving Inverness & Central Highland community.  

Download Application Form